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According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Orange County has a population of a little over 3 million. It is not a surprise as one of the largest counties in the state that it has a high number of motor vehicle accidents. In fact, it is one of the top counties out of all California counties for the following types of fatal accidents:

  • Alcohol-related
  • Distracted driving
  • Bicycle
  • Speed-related

At Jolly Berry Law, we understand that accidents can change your life in an instant. Dealing with insurance companies afterward is not an easy process. It can be tough to get what you deserve to replace lost wages, pay for medical care and take care of your family. We want to help you as you navigate your way through the confusion and chaos to get the payment due to you after your car accident.

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Orange County Has Multiple Accident Risks

The California Department of Motor Vehicles reports that there are almost 3 million registered vehicles in Orange County. This puts it second in the state behind the densely populated Los Angeles County. Most of these vehicles are personal-use automobiles, and the number of vehicles increases every year.

This means rising chances of you being in a crash, because the odds of getting into an accident increases with the number of vehicles on the roads. You cannot completely protect yourself against this risk because you cannot control other drivers’ actions. Knowing about the risk, though, can help you to at least be more aware.

Another area to pay attention to is the large number of roadways in this county, which means there are more opportunities for bad drivers to hit the road. The California Highway Patrol explains that the county has around 6,376 miles of roadway. Of those, about 268 miles are state roadways, 319 miles are county roads and 5,788 are city streets.

Fatal Accidents Are a Concern

We see fatal accidents too often. While we wish there were no need to ever have cases involving this type of accident, we can at least help you during the aftermath to hold the responsible party liable for his or her actions.

In general, Southern California has a high number of fatal accidents each year, according to the Orange County Register. In this county, the most dangerous road is I-5. It comes in at number seven in the country on the list of most deadly roads. I-5 extends the whole length of the state from Oregon to the Mexico border, and links the major California cities. Also known as “the 5,” this highway runs through main county cities, including San Clemente, San Juan Capistrano and Mission Viejo, and passes by Disneyland before entering Los Angeles County.

Intersections are also a source of dangerous accidents in the county. Certain roads tend to have more dangerous intersections than others. For example, Tustin St. has bad intersections for accidents at Walnut Ave., Meats Ave. and Katella Ave. A couple of the other intersections to watch out for are Anaheim Way at State College Blvd. and Glassell St. at Meats Ave.

Looking at the statistics, you can see where the biggest danger lies for fatal car accidents in the county. In the major cities, the numbers for 2017 break down as follows:

  • • Anaheim: 32
  • • Costa Mesa: 7
  • • Irvine: 11
  • • Santa Ana: 27

On country roads, there were seven fatal accidents, but don’t let the low number fool you. Rural roads are often more dangerous than urban roads. However, these roads more often see single-vehicle accidents.

Attorneys Kevin and Leah Jolly, Trial Lawyers in Mission Viejo, California

Accidents Are Preventable

Perhaps the most frustrating thing about motor vehicle accidents is that so many of them are preventable. We deal with cases every day involving situations where a driver was doing something illegal when he or she caused a crash. It is as frustrating for us as it is for you to know that your suffering and loss is due to someone else’s negligence, but that is our Mission Viejo personal injury attorneys fight so hard for you.

The California Office of Traffic Safety reports that speeding is a leading cause of accidents in the county. There were 5,432 accidents in 2017 attributed to drivers not obeying the posted speed limit.

There are also high levels of accidents in the county due to alcohol and distracted driving. Such bad driving habits cost lives, and they do not have to happen. At Jolly Berry Law, we will stand by you and demand compensation for your losses, pain and inconvenience after your auto accident. Please contact us today to discuss your case.

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“We were in a bad situation and things seemed as if there was no hope. If you’ve ever had that feeling of hopelessness you know what I’m taking about. We spoke to Leah about our case while she took copious notes and asked us a lot of questions – uncomfortable ones. All the while she kept her professional composure and gave us the honest to God truth…..truth about our options and how things were going to go down depending on what happens. It was a tough day. As we progressed into the process we were introduced to Kevin who supported Leah’s strategy and provided more insight. Together they showed compassion and empathy for our situation. Right from the get go we knew Leah and Kevin’s professionalism and extensive knowledge in trial was going to benefit us. They knew people, best strategy and possible outlook. Things were looking much better. We decided our best option was to go to trial and it was a good decision. Watching Leah and Kevin in action picking out the jury, lining up the witness stand and re-strategizing after objections was an amazing experience. We won 12-0 in our favor. If you are ever in a situation that you need an attorney you need to call Leah and Kevin – you won’t regret it. “

Marian and James Thompson

“We have had the pleasure of working with Leah Berry with the Jolly Berry Law Firm this year. She has a thorough knowledge of the law and a deep understanding of our legal system. Above all, Leah’s exceptional communication skills are what set her apart from other attorneys we have known. She is very proactive and kept us informed every step of the way through our legal proceeding. Best of all, she won our case!

Leah has an amazing talent and personality for bringing calm to the most stressful situations. We highly recommend Leah Berry and her law firm if you are looking for the highest level of professional legal care.“

The Harris Family, Mission Viejo, Ca.

“Leah Berry and Kevin Jolly are the ultimate advocates. Their experience, their attention to detail, their research, and their preparedness are second to none. They are not afraid to try cases and can connect with a jury to produce favorable results. More importantly, they care about their clients and their cause. They bring a passion to their litigation and advocacy skills that directly translate to favorable settlements and verdicts.“

Richard Gabriel, President, Decision Analysis, Inc.

“We wanted to thank you for representing us in the lawsuit. Our case was settled out of court because of your time, dedication, and effort. We can now sleep and have piece of mind. You and your wife are always in my prayers to continue your good work.”

Efren and Ruth Topacio

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